A View of My Garden in a Mirror 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Put the Tarps Away!! Grace is Coming Over!!

I found Grace's blog on a rainy Oregon day in January of 2010. The holidays were over and I was having gardening withdrawals and needed to find a web site with some "eye candy."

I googled something like "gardening in Oregon" and when I clicked on Grace's web site I hit the mother lode! 

There it was in all it's glory, pictures of her fabulous garden with paths leading to who knows where but we all want to find out.

And her "lust for rust" garden art is so creative. I have a feeling that Grace can spot a bargain a mile away at a garage sale. 

I would see a trellis missing a rung and think, "Oh darn, too bad that trellis is missing a rung". And Grace would be thinking "I can hang a lantern right where that rung is missing." And she painted it red and it looks gorgeous!

Even better, I could not believe it when I realized that she lives in the same town as me. I instantly bookmarked her web site, shared it with my gardening friends and returned every day for three months looking for an update.

I had never visited a blog before but I was willing to join the blogging network so I could post a message to Grace to try to get her back to posting and sharing pictures. 

My first comment said something like "Grace, where are you? Where are all your wonderful pictures and witty posts? We miss you! Come back!" 

She must have thought I was absolutely nuts because she had been in blogland posting all along. But in my blogging ignorance I had book marked the post from that fateful day in January and not the main page. 

I must have read that post 100 times, enjoying it every time. I finally realized my error when I clicked on something by accident and found her current post. Yes! She and her garden were still there for my viewing pleasure!

After working in my garden in the spring it was time to start taking some pictures so I could remember what I had done for next year. 

Inspired by Grace's blog I decided to start my own blog this summer. After all she made it look like so much fun! 

Guess who left me my first comment?! Grace! I was thrilled, she is like the Meryl Streep of garden blogging and she made a comment on my blog! 

I think I wrote her and said some stupid starstruck comment about her being a celebrity and how I loved her blog. Again, she must have thought I was either a stalker or nuts! But her blog is great and to me she is a celebrity! Move over Meryl! Grace and her wheel barrel of succulents is taking your place!

The summer is over and fall is here. Most of the pictures from my garden are during the summer when it was in it's peak. Now my plants are looking rather sad and either overgrown, bug eaten, or just plain ready to curl up for the winter. 

So....guess who wants to come over to see my garden? Grace!!!! 

I am sure as fellow gardeners you have felt that surge of panic when you realize you are having company and your garden just isn't up to snuff. If your visitor isn't into gardening as much as you then it's no big deal. But this is Grace Peterson for pete's sake!! I can't say no because I would love to meet her and hope to get a chance to see that spot in paradise she calls her garden. So I immediately say yes, of course!! 

Panic attack! Maybe she will leave her camera at home. Yah right.  Asking Grace to leave her camera at home is probably like asking her to leave her left leg at home. "Grace, please only bring your right leg, the left one I would prefer stayed at home, is that alright with you?" I don't think so. She is going to want to bring her left leg and her camera! 

My second thought was "Oh no, can I paint the house by Saturday?" 

A bit of history here. Last fall we re-sided our house and it was finally my big opportunity to pick a new color. We wanted a color that would be cheerful and bright to get us through the long dark winters in Oregon. 

Ok, so we went a bit overboard. It's cheerful alright. For the first month my husband and I called it "the clown house".  Surrounded by houses in different tones of beige our house is a bit shocking. But it definitely makes it easy to find when we give directions.

Anyway, all I could think about was Grace's post when she took a picture of a house painted in a horrible pink color and labeled it "pepto bismol!" I am so in trouble. Maybe it will be cloudy Saturday and it won't stand out so much.

After writing Grace and sharing my reservations about having her see my garden in this condition, she was her usual sweet self and reassured me that we are all human and it's alright if it's not perfect. 

Whew, that was a huge relief and I am so excited to finally meet her and her friend Carol if she can make it too.

My third thought was, "what a great excuse to go plant shopping!" Today I bought two hanging baskets as replacements for my patio as well as three flowering cabbages for who knows where, a mixed color pot of mums and 2 cool little ornamental pepper pots! I feel so much better now! 

I will see you on Saturday Grace!!!!

Visit Grace's blog at: http://www.gracepete.com/

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our Tropical Patio and the Oregonian with Kym Pokorny

Hey look! Our patio picture made the Home and Garden section of the Oregonian with Kym Pokorny! She is my idol! If you have time browse through her articles and blog.  She is great!


If I had known the picture I sent would actually be published I would have straightened out the cushions a bit and taken the coleus that I was trying to root off the table! Oops!  Here are some more pictures!

Most of the trinkets on the wall are from our trips to Mexico. I am sure when we are traveling through the marketplace with our arms full of our "loot" for the day, they are thinking "those crazy Americans, what are they going to do with all of that junk". Stick it on the walls of course, so we can remember the great time we had! We love Mexico, especially the people, they are always so happy.

See the coleus on the table? That is the top off the coleus from the window box above. It grew like mad this summer and kept blocking our view out the window. So I lopped off the top several times and once it grew roots I stuck it in a pot and it did amazingly well. Kind of like cut flowers that grow after you cut them, pretty cool!

Yes, that is an authentic lantern from "Off Mosquito Repellant." Hey I like them and they keep the bugs away. Well, sort of. The elephant on the ground in the back is a fountain that my husband gave me for Christmas a few years ago. We had it on the deck but it sounded like someone was peeing in a toilet when the water landed in the pot, so we decided to use it as a decoration for now. And maybe some day down the road it will be in a pond in the yard so the neighbors can enjoy the sound. (Just kidding) I love it, thanks honey!

An amazing fuschia in the foreground from Fry Road Nusery.

Ok, so the Oriental Lamp doesn't exactly go with the "Mexicana" theme, but I saw it in a shop in Port Townsend and had to have it.

And, this isn't the patio, but it is the view from the patio, does that count?

The concrete was acid stained a few years ago and I have applied at least 8 coats of sealer to that puppy. The dirt doesn't have a chance!

Here is Keith enjoying the patio pretending that I am not taking a picture. He is the one in the back not the one on the stick, that is me in spirit!

  And this is my hubby Keith's favorite place to relax with a dog or two joining him.

 Allright, so the Totem Pole really isn't Mexicana either, but I saw it at Big Lots and you know "I had to have it". 

And yes Tim, it is VERY busy!!