A View of My Garden in a Mirror 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our Tropical Patio and the Oregonian with Kym Pokorny

Hey look! Our patio picture made the Home and Garden section of the Oregonian with Kym Pokorny! She is my idol! If you have time browse through her articles and blog.  She is great!


If I had known the picture I sent would actually be published I would have straightened out the cushions a bit and taken the coleus that I was trying to root off the table! Oops!  Here are some more pictures!

Most of the trinkets on the wall are from our trips to Mexico. I am sure when we are traveling through the marketplace with our arms full of our "loot" for the day, they are thinking "those crazy Americans, what are they going to do with all of that junk". Stick it on the walls of course, so we can remember the great time we had! We love Mexico, especially the people, they are always so happy.

See the coleus on the table? That is the top off the coleus from the window box above. It grew like mad this summer and kept blocking our view out the window. So I lopped off the top several times and once it grew roots I stuck it in a pot and it did amazingly well. Kind of like cut flowers that grow after you cut them, pretty cool!

Yes, that is an authentic lantern from "Off Mosquito Repellant." Hey I like them and they keep the bugs away. Well, sort of. The elephant on the ground in the back is a fountain that my husband gave me for Christmas a few years ago. We had it on the deck but it sounded like someone was peeing in a toilet when the water landed in the pot, so we decided to use it as a decoration for now. And maybe some day down the road it will be in a pond in the yard so the neighbors can enjoy the sound. (Just kidding) I love it, thanks honey!

An amazing fuschia in the foreground from Fry Road Nusery.

Ok, so the Oriental Lamp doesn't exactly go with the "Mexicana" theme, but I saw it in a shop in Port Townsend and had to have it.

And, this isn't the patio, but it is the view from the patio, does that count?

The concrete was acid stained a few years ago and I have applied at least 8 coats of sealer to that puppy. The dirt doesn't have a chance!

Here is Keith enjoying the patio pretending that I am not taking a picture. He is the one in the back not the one on the stick, that is me in spirit!

  And this is my hubby Keith's favorite place to relax with a dog or two joining him.

 Allright, so the Totem Pole really isn't Mexicana either, but I saw it at Big Lots and you know "I had to have it". 

And yes Tim, it is VERY busy!!


  1. It's lovely as it is....the slighty off center cushions and the rooting coleus are wonderful touches actually. What a great area you have created! What do you do with all of this stuff when it rains.

  2. Hi Darla,
    Why it never rains in Oregon! ;)

    It is pretty well protected with the cover and enclosed on 3 sides. I take the cushions in during the winter so they don't mildew and give everything else a good cleaning in the spring and that's about it.

    We also take a heater out there so we can enjoy the area in early spring and late fall.

    Thanks for the comments.


  3. Okay, Annie. That's it. We need to get together. I so want to see your garden in person. I'm sure my garden buddy Carol would love to see it too. Do you allow tours? Tours with people who have cameras? [Me.] Please?

    Congrats on the publicity. You really deserve it. Busy and beautiful!!

  4. This is AMAZING!!!! I am in awe! It's gorgeous. You've managed to make it both vibrant and serene at the same time.

  5. I love what you have done. It is so happy and colorful, a wonderful space to hang out in, or view as we get to do here in blogland.


  6. What a happy garden you have!!! it´s really cute. besos. Lilián.-

  7. Your garden is simply stunning! I love all the color and the busyiness!! Your Fuschia is gorgeous, I've tried several times to have one, but it's just too stinking hot in San Antonio for them...they're still at the top of my favorite list, even if I can't have one.

  8. Wow.You have a wonderhul magic garden.Thanks for sharing.