A View of My Garden in a Mirror 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

It must be 4 o'clock somewhere!

4 o'clocks, what an unsual plant. The flowers only open after 4pm or on cloudy days.  I have never seen this plant in a nursery so when I saw the seed packet I decided to give it a try. I started too many seeds of course taking into account my usual ratio of survivors. But these plants were easy to start from seed! I am pleasantly surprised. And it isn't just the flowers, they have nice foliage too. 

Pink 4 o'clocks, they came from the same packet of seeds as the orange and hot pink.

It must be only 3:55 and they are just waking up.

Watch them open! It must be the bewitching hour.

Look at that luscious foliage. Pretty good for an annual.


  1. Hi Annie, This is a great plant, I agree. In a mild winter, it will survive but if not it will drop copious seed and you'll have plants the following year.

    Love your photos and the phormium/four o'clock combo.

  2. It is hard to catch the blooms open around here. Like Grace said, mine has reseeded all aver the place.

  3. Hi Annie :) I just found you from my traffic feed :) Thanks so much for adding me to your blog roll! I'll add you to mine.
    LOVE your pics and also love the PINK background of your blog, it's perfect! Hope you are close enough to come to my show this weekend! :)
    Take care

  4. Did you notice the wonderful scent of the 4 o'clocks? I love them. I have the bright pink and a pale pink. Love them both.