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Sunday, January 2, 2011

#5 of 10 Things I Love in No Particular Order


I recently cleared out our guest room and made it into a craft room. I don't call what I do art because I don't think my work is quite on the level of an "artist" so I will call it crafts for now. I don't sell anything, I just make things for myself and sometimes for friends and family. If I did sell my crafts I am afraid after expenses it would probably net at about $2 an hour and take the joy out of the creative process. I know it's just for so me so who cares if I try a new technique and it doesn't work or if the glue doesn't hold and it falls over. I just start over or glue it back together and move on. Here are a few items I have enjoyed making.

Happy New Year!

 I have glued this piece together 3 times! 
I found this jar at an antique store and thought it would make a good lamp.
So I decided to cover it was glass mosaic and light it up.

A mosaic sun on a very big pot

Now here is some REAL art. We call this SHEET ART by Miss Peaches. When we first brought Peaches home we confined her to a crate in the garage when we had to leave the house. We put a sheet over the crate to keep it dark and calm. When we came home each time she had created a new art project with the sheet. So we called it SHEET ART and took a picture. I know, it's kind of stupid, but it amused us!

 Take a bow!


  1. Your Miss Peaches is a sweetie! I used to have a yellow parakeet named Peaches - loved that bird! Your mosaics are lovely...I've got a couple pots I'm hoping to get done this winter...wish me luck! Too many projects and so little time ;)

  2. Your mosaics are great, really like the lamp you covered! It looks like art to me; much too nice for a simple craft!

  3. Oh, Annie. Too, too cute, Miss Peaches and her skilful sheet art. That must have taken quite some doing!

    You already know what I think about your creativity! You are far too self-deprecating ;) The rest of us out here are suffering from THE GREEN-EYED MONSTER!!!!!!!!

    Simply wonderful, Annie. I wish I had half your artistic talent and flair with colour. What you do makes my heart sing, truly...it's a treat to be able to share in it all, even at such vast distances.

  4. I believe your 'crafts' are delightful, maybe not on the same level as Peaches', but lovely,lol.

  5. You know how I feel about your ART. It's just absolutely wonderful and looks stunning in your home and your garden. Call it crafts if you like. I call it ART. Peaches is so darn cute. :)

  6. I love your mosaics!! I'm planning on covering some terracotta pots with cermic bits this summer to create my own mosaics! I'm excited about it and haven't even started yet. :o) The dog is adorable, but that goes without saying!!