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Sunday, March 27, 2011

#10 of 10 Things I Love in No Particular Order

Last but certainly not least....MY HUSBAND KEITH!

My apologies for taking so long to post. The last few months have been filled with an extraordinary amount of activities and new developments in our lives. I had planned on posting this for valentines day. Oops! Better late than never....here are a few of the many reasons I adore my husband.

He Roots for the Underdog (literally).

After adopting our rescue pit bull Peaches over two years ago we were suddenly made aware of the prejudice that follows this breed. I admit that I had a bias toward pit bulls before becoming educated. Luckily for Peaches we only saw a cute sweet dog when we adopted her and didn't stereotype her. She hit the doggy lottery that day! If you want to read more click on

Keith's Website about how certain breed of dogs become "demonized"

He Gives Back 
What I mean by this is he gives his time and money to causes that he is passionate about. He volunteers at the local animal shelter. And after researching how many pit bulls are in shelters as well as euthanized every year he has worked with a non-profit in our area Pet Adoption Network to donate money for pit bulls to be altered who belong to low income families that can't afford the procedure themselves. We hope this will help even a tiny bit to keep the number of pit bulls down in the local animal shelters. In addition an altered dog is typically a better behaved dog which will help the image of pit bulls as well.
 A sleeping dog is a good dog too!

He can be a goofball (I say that with endearment)
Yes, we all need a goofball in our lives. Someone that brings the child out at times and he is certainly that in my life! He loves roller coasters and other such adventures that I gladly watch with both feet on the ground. So I guess you could say when it comes to activities that are "adrenaline" related, I live vicariously through him! The poor guy, after several rides from the front row of a roller coaster he used his camera to make a video that turned out great! I felt like I was on the ride with him when he showed it to me. Unfortunately he lost it in a file transfer after our vacation. Most people are screaming as they ride on a roller coaster. Not Keith, he was making a video! 

He is supportive
OK, so he thinks I spend too much time gardening and not enough time doting on him and well, he is probably right on that one. Oh no! Did I actually put that in print!? I am in trouble now! He is still supportive about the volunteer hours that I contribute for my Master Gardening program and also the many hours I spend in the garden. And when he is sitting back enjoying the view with a glass of wine in his hand I like to think that he is thinks it is all worth it. And when he wants to do things like this..........
I never say no! He took a helicopter ride and landed on a glacier! I waited on the ground for him to return.

He takes care of the grass!
A garden with dead grass just isn't the same. I love that he fertilizes, grooms, re-seeds and thoroughly cares about the grassy area of our yard so I don't have to worry about it and can focus on the important things like flowers!
Look at that grass! It's green! If I had to take care of it then it would be brown!

He is the Poop Master!
This may not sound like it, but this is a term of endearment for my precious husband. The Poop Master! Which for those who haven't figured it out he handles the horrible nasty chore of picking up after our furry kids. What a guy!!!!!!!    

He trusts my judgment...most of the time!
When I bring something home like this..........
and say it will be perfect in our back yard. He trust's my judgment. Or maybe I should say he humors me and doesn't have my head examined :) What is this thing anyway? I found it when Gottschalks was closing and everything had to go. It was sitting in the men's section. I guess it was supposed to make men want to buy more shirts or something. Go figure!

Happy Belated Valentine's Day Honey!


  1. Annie! What a great guy you have there! I hope I have the opportunity to meet him someday.
    I'm glad you're so happy.

  2. That was a great one! Keep doing it

  3. What a great post about your fun, caring and loving husband.

    Keep on enjoying your life together.


  4. He sounds like a keeper! You are blessed ;)

  5. A perfect fit! I love how he cares for the lawn so you can devote yourself to the more showy aspects of gardening. A great lawn makes all the difference. And a great husband makes all the difference too! You've got yourself a keeper. Tell Keith hi for me.

  6. FINALLY! You won't believe how much I've been wanting to catch up with you! I'd read this latest post, very hurriedly, the day it appeared...but, this week has been really crazy (I had a birthday on Monday) and I've been struggling to stay abreast of all that's been happening in Blog Land.

    This is the sweetest, most loving tribute from a devoted, appreciative wife to her equally loving Soulmate! I, too, am blessed with a saintly husband...I often wonder how he puts up with me, but he does!

    It's so good to have you back, Annie! We've all missed you!


    Des xoxo

  7. Great post! My husband once said if I brought home one more dog, he was leaving. I have five dogs and he's still here! That was two dogs ago! BTW, I love pits and volunteer at a no-kill shelter on Sundays. Pits are big, silly lapdogs. :o)

  8. You are blessed to have one another.
    I found you on Blotanical and noticed that you have unread messages on your plot there. Did you find it too difficult or like me, forget you had joined?

  9. Hi All, Thanks for the comments on my special "keeper". I am lucky!

    I hope you get to meet him someday too! And I hope I get to meet your "HH" as well. Love your great ideas on your web site!

    How's the chair coming along? I love the alphabet plant listing you are doing on your blog. It's a wonderful reference and the pictures are better than any book I have seen! Keith says hi!

    I keep thinking that "I better post something so I don't disappoint Desiree!" Thanks for hanging in there and Happy Birthday!

    Casa Mariposa, (your blog name by the way makes me want to jump on a plane and head to some far away exotic vacation!) I am glad you love pitties too! Most of them are just big luvable goofballs!

    Oh no, I had no idea I was supposed to respond to all those messages on blotanical! I thought they were like comments on a blog. I guess I committed a blotanical faux pas! Holy cow, I can barely keep up with the comments on here and have horrible "blogger guilt" when I don't have time to respond. Am I the only one or do you all feel like that?

    Thanks again for visiting all!

  10. Hi Annie!

    Just checking up on you. I know you said you've had lots of things going on...I trust they are all good things :)

    Just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you and popped by to leave a hug ;)

    Never feel guilty!!! We're here when you're ready to post. Everyone has busy lives and important things to attend to, so I'm sure we all understand!


  11. Sounds like you have a great guy!

  12. Hi Annie!

    I'm here to check up on you again, not to hound or bug you :) but I've been wondering where you are and why so scarce? I do hope all is OK and you're just busy getting on with and enjoying your life :)

    Big hug,
    Des xo